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Robotics: Vulnerabilities & Exploits

  • Insecure networking and communications
  • Weak encryption algorithms
  • Weak message authentication protocols
  • No resilience to cascade attacks
  • No mitigation controls for remote recovery
  • No safety by design
  • No security by design
  • Weak supply chain provenance for field updates to the operating system, firmware, and software
  • Lack of detection methods to classify OT/IoT events as true/false positives or negatives
  • Weak mitigation with timeliness of security patches to prevent published exploits.

Robotics: Unprotected Attack Surface

Robotics: Unprotected Attack Surface
  • Use of open-source middleware (e.g., ROS, SROS, ROS-2) with no security framework for cyber physical systems (CPS)
  • Network admission without authentication
  • Weak messaging without integrity
  • Responsibility for protection is delegated to the network intrusion detection systems external to the CPS
  • Dichotomy between IT/OT/IoT poses challenges to detection models based on anomaly and threat grammar

Robotics: Cyber Risks

Robotics: Cyber Risks
  • Robot Bricking or Hijacking
  • Malicious Nodes Join Production Network & Mission Systems
  • Message Tampering
  • Malicious Data Injection
  • Man in the Middle (MITM) Attacks
  • Untrusted Data to AI/ML Training Models and Digital Twins
  • Tampered Updates to Onboard Components (Edge Gateway, LIDAR, Camera, IMU)

Simplified Solution for Robotics and AI/ML

Simplified Solution for Robotics and AI/ML

Symmera’s DIN platform services offer a simplified workflow, from factory to field, for fit-and-finish in site infrastructures with online or air-gapped devices. The orchestration services may be deployed On-Cloud or On-Premises as a SaaS platform.