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Revolutionary SaaS Platform for Next Generation Enterprise Digitalization and Enablement of Dark Data for Massive AI/ML

SaaS platform to implement zero trust models

Help implement zero trust models across market segments for interoperability, security, scalability, and availability with an on-cloud or on-premises SaaS platform for edge gateways and heterogenous brownfield/greenfield devices.

Trusted data from authenticated devices to AI/ML

Enable AI/ML for millions of IoT and IIoT devices and massive data streams requires lifecycle orchestration with simplification from the application developers to original equipment manufacturers, end-users, and field operators.

Operational efficiencies for IT/OT convergence

Lower the cost of modernization and digital transformation significantly and increase operational efficiencies from factory to field with visibility, and control for IT/OT convergence at scale.

Agent-less with simple APIs for low coding in any programming language

Provide an agent-less, OS/processor agnostic, low-coding approach, with simple APIs in any programming language, for two-factor device authentication, identifiers-based authorization, quantum-proof field communications, messaging integrity, secure content distribution with supply chain provenance, data signing and AI risk classification labels, and remote remediation for timely risk mitigation.


Our vision is based on boiling things down to first principles and building up with single defining ideas to foster digital transformation with simple innovations.

Simplification of APIs

Massive simplification of APIs for application developers. Less is more. APIs that fire are APIs that wire.

Operational efficiencies and cost reduction

Accelerated workflows, with low or zero touch, from factory technicians to field operators to effect operational efficiencies and cost reduction in existing infrastructures and brownfield/greenfield devices.

Cyber safe devices and trusted data to AI/ML

Synergy between application developers, device manufacturers, and end-user operators for highly available, scalable, and secure solutions for cyber safe devices and trusted data to AI/ML


  • Trust in data is paramount and the cornerstone for AI/ML enablement and collaboration
  • Trust in cyber safe devices is required on the first mile
  • Trust in cyber trusted data is required on the last mile


  • Lowers TCO for End Users. Reduces costs of development and maintenance for OEMs
  • Monetizable data to collaboration services
  • 10x simplification for application and device lifecycle management – Massive IoT


  • Symmera is the orchestration bridge to AI/ML using cyber safe devices and cyber trusted data
  • Symmera provides an agentless SaaS platform for vendors to put a cyber trust label on a device, ship it, and onboard it with zero-touch in the field
  • Symmera’s technology is applicable to all market segments, from industrial control systems to retail, energy, defense, healthcare, transportation, logistics, hospitality, and finance

Value Proposition


  • Agentless. SaaS On-Cloud or On-Premises
  • Just 3-5 APIs in any programming language for capability integration within days
  • Speed to Market. Integrate within weeks
  • Any Device Type: Sensors, Actuators, Controllers, Gateways, Autonomous Systems, Integrated Systems


  • No service disruptions in live production environments
  • Ubiquitous. Support for connected, air-gapped, or offline devices


  • Standards compliant (NIST 800, IEC, Industry 4.0, HIPAA, NERC-CIP, PCI-DSS, FCG, IEEE 802.1AR)
  • Full interoperability across multi-vendors. Agnostic to chipset, OS, protocol stacks, and crypto engines
  • Zero PKI or Lightweight PKI (Simplified) operating models
  • Quantum resistant ciphers for long-lived devices


  • Automated zero-touch device discovery and license management
  • Remote asset management for audits, health monitoring, and safety updates


  • One API to export device and application intelligence (e.g., telematics, device health, device attributes) to cloud based microservices and AI/ML engines

Executive Leadership

Srinivas Kumar

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Srinivas Kumar

Srinivas Kumar is a serial entrepreneur and technocrat with over 35 years of hands-on engineering and management experience in computer networking and security. Prior to joining DigiCert as the VP of IoT Solutions, he was the CTO and CPO at Mocana (acquired by DigiCert in 2022). Prior to joining Mocana in 2016, he was the CTO of TaaSera. He founded TaaSware in 2011 (acquired by TaaSera in 2012). During his time at TaaSware he served as an entrepreneur-in-residence at SRI International. Prior to that, he was a solutions architect in the networking and security business unit at VMware. He was previously the VP of engineering and solutions architect for identity-based access controls at Applied Identity (acquired by Citrix in 2010). He has served in senior project and architect roles at Nortel, Lucent and TranSwitch. Earlier in his career, as engineering manager at Firearms Training Systems (acquired by Meggitt Training Systems), he led the design and development of real time marksmanship and squad engagement simulators for training law enforcement personnel and the military. He holds 42 U.S. patents in the field of cyber-protection for IoT, cybersecurity, user and application identity-based access controls, network and endpoint security, and evidence based predictive analytics. He has led engineering efforts to certify products for common criteria, FIPS, DO-178, US DoD and NATO standards. He holds a BE degree in electrical engineering from VJTI, Bombay University, and an MS degree in electrical and computer engineering from Clemson University.

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William Diotte

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

William Diotte

William Diotte is a serial technology entrepreneur, executive, and investor in emerging technologies with a strong track record of results and successful exits. Focused on the intersection of Blockchain, Cyber, AI, 5G – Bill brings real world experience of how/why disruptive companies succeed or fail – and how to find the right balance for entrepreneurs and investors to enable long term success. As an Advisor or Independent Board Member, he adds value by working with management teams to create results for their companies – focusing on GTM Strategy, Technology-to-Productization evolution, and Strategic Customer & Partner Acquisition. A high energy entrepreneur and executive with 20+ years of experience in the tech world, and more than a few battle scars, he is very passionate about working with promising emerging companies focused on disrupting industries with a strong sense of Mission to better the world we live in.

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Shreya Uchil

VP of Product Management & Customer Success

Shreya Uchil

Shreya Uchil has over 15 years of work experience in engineering, product management, and customer success roles in the field of networking and cybersecurity, most recently serving as the Sr. Director of Product Management at DigiCert Inc. Prior to that, Shreya was VP of Product Management and Customer Success at Mocana Corporation. She is passionate about helping customers achieve their business objectives and fostering product growth and adoption. She started her career designing and developing embedded software for satellite systems at Hughes Network Systems and transitioned to solutions consulting and pre-sales roles in the networking industry. She has 5 patents in the field of endpoint security. Shreya holds a BE degree from NIT Suratkal, India, and an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University.

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Shashank Pandhare

Sr. Director of Engineering

Shashank Pandhare

Shashank Pandhare has over 35 years of work experience as a technical architect and engineering manager in the design and development of real-time embedded systems, networking security protocols, and scalable cybersecurity platforms. Prior to joining DigiCert, Inc. as a Sr Development Manager, he was a principal engineer at Mocana Corporation developing a device protection platform for OT/IIoT/IoT devices. Prior to that he served as the technical director at TaaSera, Inc. in developing an innovative preemptive breach detection system based on a patented dialog correlation technology. He was previously a principal engineer at QLogic Corporation developing network drives for high scalability of 10Gbps adapters for time sensitive networks and secure data transport. He is an energetic and self-motivated person with excellent team mentoring and communication skills, ability to scope project requirements starting from the hardware platform to OS/kernel components, APIs, embedded agents, and hosted services in cloud and Enterprise ecosystems. He holds 8 patents in the field of networking hardware, network, and endpoint security. He holds a BE degree in electrical & electronics engineering from Bombay University, and an MS degree in electrical and computer engineering from Clemson University.

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Symmera’s simplified APIs for application developers to integrate with our distributed intelligent network orchestration platform for massive AI/ML enablement, and our on-cloud or on-premises SaaS platform for flexible deployment, unified IT/OT workflows, and operational efficiencies has attracted leading device manufacturers, system integrators, managed security service providers, and AppDev professionals to the solution.


System and method for device protection and distributed intelligent networking with a key distribution service

US 63/454,612
Two-factor device authentication and secure communications with authenticated and encrypted data using any crypto engine and over any transport/network protocol.

System and method for pre-shared key (PSK) based secure communications with domain name system authenticator

US 11,968,302 B1 (Granted)

  • Two factor device authentication using DNS as the authenticator for permissioned key distribution to authenticated and validated IP addressable devices and applications;
  • Digital signing of access tokens for cloud services;
  • Authenticated and encrypted communications over IP networks and transport protocols (e.g., UDP, TCP, TLS, IKE);
  • Authenticated communications over non-IP networks (e.g., CAN Bus, Modbus, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, RS-232).
System and method for pre-shared key based secure communications with mobile service provider authenticator

US 18/139,480

  • Two factor device authentication using a mobile service provider (MSP) as the authenticator for permissioned key distribution to authenticated and validated mobile devices and applications;
  • Digital signing of access tokens for cloud services;
  • Authenticated and encrypted communications over IP networks and transport protocols (e.g., UDP, TCP, TLS, Mobile IKE).
System and method for pre-shared key based selective encryption of partial sections of messages

US 18/139,486

  • Applications in industrial control systems that must comply with the Generic Object-Oriented Substation Event (GOOSE) and IEC-61850 (International Electrotechnical Commission) and NERC-CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation Critical Infrastructure Protection) standards;
  • Applications in transportation systems (e.g., smart vehicles), aviation systems (e.g., commercial and military aircrafts, unmanned aerial vehicles or drones), space systems (e.g., satellites and spacecrafts), healthcare systems (e.g., medical equipment, bedside equipment, surgical equipment, nurse station equipment, on-patient devices, and palliative or hospice care equipment).
  • In integrated systems, inter-system messaging between the components (e.g., electronic control units, telemetric control units, on-board diagnostics units, navigation systems, display units, multi-service IoT edge gateways, sensors, actuators, controllers) must adhere to low latency requirements, security, and safety standards.
System and method for pre-shared key-based document security

US 18/139,494
Digital encryption of embedded objects within documents (e.g., PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel) between producers and consumers using pre-shared keys.

System and method for pre-shared key-based content signing for tamper resistance

US 18/139,498
Digital signing and verification of content (e.g., configuration files, application binaries, update packages) between producers and consumers for tamper resistance.

System and method for pre-shared key-based supply chain tamper resistance

US 18/139,500
Digital signing and verification of content (e.g., configuration files, application binaries, update packages) using pre-shared keys between producers, brokers, and consumers of content for tamper resistance and supply chain provenance.

System and method for pre-shared key based wireless access point authentication

US 18/139,508
Secure and automatic switchover of a device from an insecure wireless network configured at the factory by the device vendor to a secure wireless network during onboarding in the production network using DHCP-assigned options for the vendor class.

System and method for device label scan based zero touch device onboarding and device directory service

US 11,882,117 B1 (Granted)

  • Scalability of secure device configuration with simplified workflows for device manufacturers and field operators;
  • Eliminate human errors in device provisioning and onboarding using trusted device identifiers.
System and method for supply chain tamper resistant content verification, inspection, and approval

US 11,936,772 B1 (Granted)
Quantum-safe symmetric key based digital signing with multi-party and multi-person digital signing with multi-part deep content inspection. Split mode with separate secure channels for content distribution and digital signing keys.

System and method for dynamic retrieval of certificates with remote lifecycle management

US 18/377,866
Dynamic retrieval of certificates and private keys at runtime by applications executing on devices, without requiring use of certificate management protocols (e.g., SCEP, EST, CMP, ACME, OCSP), high scalability for certificate distribution by certificate authorities, and simplification of the manufacturing workflow for original equipment manufacturers.

System and method for extended attributes in certificates for dynamic authorization

US 18/435,253
Authorization of self-signed and CA issued certificates with host address and network subnet address validation on local networks based on DHCP scopes and address pools for evidence of control over addresses in X.509 certificate extensions.

System and method to securely distribute authenticated and trusted data streams to AI systems

US 18/438,586
Securely harvest and distribute trusted metadata (plaintext, formatted text, metrics, images, video, audio), dynamically from single or two-factor authenticated devices to artificial intelligence (AI), with webhooks to a plurality of expert systems, with a single API in any programming language.