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Who Benefits & How

Symmera’s orchestration platform accelerates development and automates workflows for OEMs, End Users, and Services. Developers benefit from simplified APIs in any modern programming language to integrate in a few days – for enhanced application security, visibility, and control. OEMs benefit from scalability, trackability, and availability. IT/OT operators benefit from gated workflows with role based multi-person rules, and a unified approach for network, security, device, and network management operations. Cloud and edge services benefit from trusted data to train data science models for analytics.

  • Application Developers

    • Simplified APIs in any programming language (C, C++, C#, Java, Go, Rust)
    • Application integration within weeks for quantum-proof security, scalability, and high availability
    • Low coding model (any processor, OS, open-source or third-party transport protocol and crypto engine)
    • Quick-start application templates and tutorials (over OpenSSL, MbedTLS, wolfSSL, JSEE, or TCP/UDP)
  • End-Users

    • Automated and gated workflows for operational efficiencies
    • Device discovery with zero-touch device label scan
    • Device onboarding at scale
    • Automated device trust provisioning (with keys or certificates)
    • Mutually authenticated and secure field communications with data and message integrity
    • Device monitoring and tracking
    • Trusted data to AI/ML engines for data analytics
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

    • Device safety and protection by design
    • Application security by design
    • Device licensing
    • Device updates (OS, firmware, configuration, application software)

    Simplification for Developers, OEMs, and End-Users

    Value Proposition for Developers & OEMs

    Value Proposition for Device End-Users

    Are you looking for a scalable, available, and secure platform for device orchestration and trusted data to AI/ML?

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