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Simplified End-to-End Workflow (from Developer to End-User)

Supply Chain Tamper Resistance (with Content Inspectors and Signers)

Content Distribution Service (CDS)
  • Content distribution with supply chain tamper resistance.
  • Secure content distribution with multi-person rule-based digital signing, content inspection, and approval chain.
  • Gated workflow for multi-stage content inspection (e.g., static analysis, dynamic analysis, sandboxing, anomaly detection, reputation lists).
  • Split-mode secure channels with user and device two-factor authentication for content retrieval and key operations.
  • Symmetric key based digital signing (no PKI, asymmetric keys, or certificates required).
  • Simple (3-5) library APIs in polyglot languages (C, C+, C#, Java, Go, Rust) for applications to check for updates, securely download, and apply.
  • Trusted device updates with visibility for end-to-end supply chain risk monitoring.
  • Significant simplification of device management for OEMs and end-users.
Are you looking for a scalable, available, and secure platform for device orchestration and trusted data to AI/ML?

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