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Cyber Attacks on Devices in the AI-ML Era

Any offensive advance in a conventional war requires taking down ground defenses with air power before launching a ground invasion. In the early days of building cybersecurity fortresses the strategic multi-layer defense initiatives comprised of meticulously designed heterogeneous and redundant security countermeasures for intrusion detection and prevention. The evolution thereon was guided by the paradigm of proactive rather than reactive security controls based on reliable real-time threat intelligence feeds, regular expressions, and context-sensitive grammar for deep-packet inspection and...

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Cyber Safety in the Era of Quantum Computing and AI

As Sophocles, the ancient Greek tragedian, stated over 2400 years ago, “Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse”. Oscar Wilde wrote “When the Gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers”. The true benefits of quantum computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and post-quantum cryptography (PQC) may ironically be a zero-sum gain for cybersecurity, unfairly empowering the tools and methods for cyber-attacks and cyber-defense equally, unless one establishes a strategic advantage over the other. How did we tiptoe here from the big data and omnipresent services cloud to the dark...

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The Moral Imperative of Artificial Intelligence

Historically, human society has evolved by turning the wheels, and adding the axles, before tightening the grip on the steering wheel. The lurking perils of artificial intelligence While artificial intelligence (AI) offers definitive benefits, it behooves us to consider the unintended negative consequences of human innovations. AI is a dual-use technology that can be repurposed for nefarious use by state actors and digital crime syndicates. The line between deep-learning and deep-fake is treacherously thin. There may be numerical probabilities and likelihoods in mathematics, but there also...

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